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Since I was born, I have had dogs around me. My parents had some German Sheppards.

In 1963 my parents presented me with 2 Pekingese puppies. I think, they were the best present, I ever have received. I loved those two dogs deeply. I tried showing them a little, - not very successfully, but the two pekingese had the typical pekingese temperament, which I still love so much.

In 1977 I went to the World Winner Show, which was held in Denmark. Having seen all the beautiful Pekes, I decided, I would start breeding them.

I did not know anything about lines or breeding; but a few years and three Pekes later, I had the luck to buy a red bitch of super quality. She was linebred to Jamestown. She was soon made up into a champion. I kept 5 puppies out of her 3 litters.

My line is mainly based on this foundation bitch plus Lotusgrange and a touch of Singlewell. Up to now I have bred/owned more than 200 International Champions and many more National Champions in many different countries all over the world.

I am breeding for soundness and type

In 1988 I fell in love with a 10 months old Japan Chin male at the Lotusgrange kennel. Six months later the Lotusgrange decided to discontinue breeding Japan Chins, so I bought this young male and his mother.

A few years later my sister moved nearby. She very soon became a big Japan Chin lover. We had the Japan Chins in partnership for some years. In 2001 she got her own prefix Roseheaven, and took over the Japan Chins.

In 1999 I bought my first Pug. The Pugs have a fascinating character, and I am now owned by a wonderful Pug family. My puglines are Scandinavian, American & Brazilian. I love my pugs and can not imagine a life without them. Now I have stopped breeding with this wonderful breed.

My dogs are living in our house as members of the family.

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